Leon E. Wintermeyer


LEW Safety Pledge


At LEW, we are committed to Safety.
It is embedded in the way we think and the actions we take. Each one of us is responsible for the safety of our co-workers and the safety record of the company. We do not tolerate unsafe acts that put our own life, our co-workers, and others at risk. It is our duty and desire to be responsible for providing a safe environment.


Safety Training


Safety is a core attitude and behavior of LEW. It is embedded in the way we think and the actions we take. We continually conduct safety and awareness training, and expect team members to perform work in a safe manner. It is each employee’s duty to be responsible for the safety of their co-workers and the safety record of our company.


Zero Tolerance Policy


We have a “zero tolerance” safety culture. This means that we do not tolerate unsafe acts or incidents. Careless, reckless decisions that put the lives of our employees and others at risk are not acceptable. Every employee should expect to have the satisfaction of knowing that they are going home to their families at the end of the day the same healthy way they reported to work.




We believe safety starts and ends with leadership. The senior leadership team and management are responsible and accountable for leading and driving a zero tolerance safety culture by providing leadership in developing a safe environment for employees, fellow contractors, customers, and the communities where we work.


STEP Process


In order to continually improve and sustain safety, LEW utilizes the Associated Builders and Contractor’s Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) which includes the following benefits:


  • A structured approach to analyze and further develop our safety and loss prevention program
  • Clear, legitimate, and objective methods to measure safety program improvements
  • A 20 point system guide to audit and update our company-wide safety program
  • A comprehensive report analyzing each element of our company’s safety program including OSHA required safety data


In 2016, LEW was awarded the STEP Platinum award.

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